JJ Redick On Calling An UNC Fan To Blast Him: "I Can’t Confirm This 100% But Definitely Sounds Like Something I Would Do Freshman Or Sophomore Year"

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

JJ Reddick earned a big reputation during his college days. The sharpshooter was a pretty big deal back in the day, collecting plenty of stories in Duke. 

Fans loved to hate him and he was all for it. Recently, somebody recalled one of his old stories, and even though he didn't confirm it or deny it, he implied that he did those things during his time in college. 

One fan mentioned that they got Reddick's number and often called to teased him until the player got tired of that and fired back at them. 

When JJ was in college at Duke I was a big UNC fan and got his cell phone number and would call and talk shit to him all the time he would actually answer. When the brackets came out he called me drunk ripping on me for unc not making the tournament. Good times.

Reddick admitted that he wasn't sure about that but it sounded like something he'd do during his freshman or sophomore year. 

"I can’t confirm this 100% but definitely sounds like something I would do freshman or sophomore year," he replied. 

Even though it's been plenty of years, this is hilarious. Reddick was ready to go at it with anybody during those days and truth be told, it's not hard to believe that these exchanges actually happened.