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JJ Redick On Steph Curry: "Steph Is My Favorite Player I've Played Against, He's My Favorite Player From My Era."

Stephen Curry

JJ Redick wants the world to know that he's a big fan of Steph Curry.

On a recent episode of 'The Old Man & The Three,' Redick set the record straight on his opinion of Curry, revealing that he even asked him for a signed jersey after his final game against him:

"I'm not out here to kill anybody I wanna give everybody their flowers. Everybody that knows me knows that Steph is my favorite player. I've never asked for anything from a player in my career besides two guys. Ray Allen was the guy I wanted to be as a player. My first time playing against him I got him to give me a pair of shoes and my last time playing against the Warriors I went up to Steph before the game and said 'hey man this is my last time playing against you I would really appreciate a signed jersey. There's only two guys. Like, Steph is my favorite player that I've played against, he's my favorite player from my era. I'm not here to kill Steph."

His words on Steph did not come without good reason.

Last week, Redick caught some heat for making some remarks about Curry in crunch time, and it seems that some took it as Redick criticizing or slighting the 2x MVP:

"We’re talking about right now, 2022," said JJ. "Who would you rather have with the ball, with the game on the line? It’s clearly Luka Doncic. Think about all the stuff that you have to do, all the people you have to involve to get Steph Curry a shot at the end of the game. Think about all the action you have to run. You know what you have to do with Luka? Give him the ball, he's gonna create a good shot. Size matters at the end of the game." 

Whatever opinion Redick has of Steph, it's clear that he's a very big fan.

Curry, who is leading the Warriors through a monster postseason, is putting on one of his finest performances yet. So far, he has averaged 27.3 points, 5.2 assists, and 3.3 rebounds in these playoffs and continues to show why he is among the most elite players in basketball. Love him or hate him, his skill set is undeniable.