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JJ Redick Roasts StatMuse For Pointing Out Russell Westbrook Has A Higher FG% Than Stephen Curry: "This Is A Meaningless Stat."

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Russell Westbrook has been heavily criticized during his first year on the Los Angeles Lakers. Many have claimed that part of the reason that the Los Angeles Lakers have been a subpar team is due to his poor fit with LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Despite his subpar year, Russell Westbrook is still shooting a better percentage from the field than some key stars on other teams. One of those stars is Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors. 

Twitter page StatMuse has recently shared one of their TikTok's on Twitter, that highlighted the fact that Stephen Curry is shooting worse from the field than Russell Westbrook. JJ Redick roasted the account, claiming that it was a "meaningless stat" while providing some context to the numbers.

This is a meaningless stat.

For context- Steph is shooting a higher percentage on 3s and on 2s than Russ. His eFG% is roughly 8 points higher and his true shooting percentage is roughly 9 points higher.

For reference, Russell Westbrook is currently averaging 18.3 PPG on 43.5% from the field. Meanwhile, Stephen Curry is shooting 25.7 PPG while shooting 42.2% from the field. However, as JJ Redick mentions, Stephen Curry is far better in other metrics which measure a player's efficiency, such as TS% and EFG%. While StatMuse's statement about FG% is technically correct, it doesn't take into account other factors.

Russell Westbrook has always been known as an inefficient scorer, and that hasn't changed this year with the Los Angeles Lakers. However, there are other aspects to the game than scoring, and Russell Westbrook is well-known as an amazing rebounder and playmaker. He may not be the superstar that he was in years past, but he is still a good player that can contribute to winning. Hopefully, we see him play better for the team going forward.