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Joel Embiid: "After 9 Years In America, I Finally Got My Driver's Licence"

(via Franchise Sports)

(via Franchise Sports)

Joel Embiid is one of the best players on earth. He's currently on the second season of the five-year, $147-million dollar contract he signed in 2017, so you know he's got most of his life figured out already.

Being an NBA player obviously provides you several perks the average joe just could never think of, let alone being an All-Star and franchise cornerstone like Embiid.

However, it seems like the big man just didn't want to pull some strings to get his hands on a driver's license earlier than everybody else and without going through all that trouble, as he recently tweeted that, after nine years in the country, he's finally granted permission to drive:

"After nine years in America, I FINALLY got my driver license," the big man tweeted.

Needless to say, that hilarious tweet went viral in just minutes, with hundreds of fans asking him to take them out on a ride whenever he wanted.

"I need car options any recommendations???" he later asked his followers.

It's pretty safe to assume that Embiid has plenty of cash to spare and will likely buy not one but multiple top-notch vehicles. It's known that he's a fine man who loves to enjoy his free time to the fullest, so he'll likely think this through before committing to one vehicle.

As for basketball, his Philadelphia 76ers currently hold the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference but could still end up as high as second. That'll most likely depend on whether Embiid and Ben Simmons can carry the load and lead the team after a disappointing second-round out in last year's playoffs.