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Joel Embiid Blames Ben Simmons For Team's Problems

(via Crossing Broad)

(via Crossing Broad)

The Philadelphia 76ers are certainly not a bad team. But to say they haven't met early expectations seems accurate 36 games into this season.

With the Raptors weakened, LeBron gone, and Philly making some big additions in the summer, the team was supposed to be among the favorites to make the Finals this year. Instead, so far, they're 5th in the Conference, boasting a 23-13 record.

So what's the problem? Among other things, one of their biggest issues has (no so secretly) been Ben Simmons' shooting woes. His limitations on offense have become a huge liability to the team. It's gotten to the point that Joel Embiid is feeling the need to speak up about it publicly.

(via Kyle Neubeck)

Embiid doesn't make much of an effort to hide his intentions here. He's calling on Simmons to shoot the rock, something he has been famously reluctant to do in his young career.

In fact, over the course of two and a half seasons, Simmons has only attempted 22 shots from beyond the arc. He's only made two.

If he is unable, or unwilling, to adapt his game, it will continue to limit what he and the Sixers can do on the basketball court. Embiid calling him out publicly is just the latest way the team is trying to inspire him.