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Joel Embiid Called The Referees Trash During Post Game Press Conference


Once again, the ongoing war betwene the players and refs has captured headlines.

During a season where many within the community are outraged over what they see as bad officiating, there has been no shortage of shade thrown by both sides.

Joel Embiid, in the aftermath of a loss against Boston, serves as the most recent example, with his words during a post-game presser all but attacking the refs and their performance during the game.

“...the referees fucking suck.”

There is a fine coming Embiid's way, no doubt. The NBA does not condone calling out the refs publicly like this.

But should they intervene in what is becoming a very real and growing tension? The dynamic between the players and referees have never been great, for obvious reasons. Lately, though, things have escalated more than they ever have.

Maybe it's time for a rule change or some sort of explanation of the rules by the NBA. Whatever the case, there is a common theme growing among the players and media of calling out the way the games are being reffed.

Whose side are you on?