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Joel Embiid Caught Liking A Tweet Of Jaylen Brown Dismissing Al Horford's Comments

Joel Embiid Caught Liking A Tweet Of Jaylen Brown Dismissing Al Horford's Comments

Joel Embiid has been very active on social media recently. He's not a stranger to this, but the Philadelphia 76ers big man is apparently trying to create chaos around the league with his moves. 

After taking a big shot at Karl-Anthony Towns, the Cameroonian player has changed his focus to the Boston Celtics after Al Horford and Jaylen Brown made some interesting comments. First, Horford was very critical of the team's performance against the Minnesota Timberwolves, saying they need to be held accountable

"Right now, this is who we are. We're searching. Definitely," said Horford.

"It comes from all of us. You know, Coach does what he has to do. But at the end of the day, it has to come from each individual player. We need to be accountable and held accountable. Individually, we need to look in the mirror."

After that, Brown stated he had nothing to say to Horford's words, avoiding an internal beef, something the Celtics desperately need to elude right now. Still, this raised some eyebrows around the league, and Embiid decided to make a subtle move. 

The 2021 MVP runner-up liked a tweet of Brown's comments on Horford's remarks, leading Sixers fans to think the Cameroonian is lobbying for a Brown arrival at Philadelphia. 

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In the past couple of months, Jaylen was linked with a move to Philadelphia as part of a Ben Simmons trade that never came to fruition. Brad Stevens made it clear Jaylen isn't available on trade talks, but that doesn't stop the rumors around the league. 

On second thought, this could be Joel just messing around. It's not a secret that Horford didn't have the best tenure in Philadelphia and perhaps the younger center is just trying to be fun and see how fans react to his Twitter moves. Whatever it is, it didn't go unnoticed. Well played, Joel.