Joel Embiid Defends Ben Simmons' From A Fan's Criticism: "Well I Guess You Didn’t Watch The Game Yesterday. His Value Goes Beyond The Stats."

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Ben Simmons is one of the league's most exciting young stars. Simmons is a point guard who is built like a forward, and his ability to drive to the rim is elite. His playmaking is something special, and he is an elite transition player. Ben Simmons brings a lot of value to a team. A lot of the time, Ben Simmons gets a lot of hate for not being a scorer. It is clear that he has the potential to do so: he just prefers to make the right basketball play to set up his teammates.

Recently a fan responded to Joel Embiid's Tweet that urged fans to vote Ben Simmons into the All-Star game. The fan implied that since Simmons was only averaging 13 points a game, that he didn't deserve to be an All-Star. Joel Embiid came to his teammate's defense.

Joel Embiid correctly stated that Ben Simmons' value is more than just scoring. Everyone has a role on the team: Ben Simmons' role is to make sure that the offense flows smoothly. Simmons is extremely adept at getting his teammates open for 3PT shots and knows how to use his drives to create space for his teammates. While he doesn't put up huge scoring nights on a consistent basis, his passing is extremely valuable, and he is in charge of making sure everyone is involved in the game.

There is more to basketball than just scoring, and Joel Embiid knows that. The Philadelphia 76ers are the 1st seed in the Eastern Conference. It is clear that the team, including Ben Simmons, are doing their jobs.