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Joel Embiid Gets Emotional After Game 7 Loss

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It was a heartbreaking loss for the Philadelphia 76ers. "The Process" was built, and it all came to a head this season, with the pairing of Embiid, Butler, and Simmons. For the first time since things began, Philly had Championship aspirations.

They were crushed when Kahwi's final shot went through the hoop. Following the end of their season, Embiid headed to the locker room in tears.

In the postgame interview, we saw a different side of Embiid.

Whatever the offseason holds for Philly, you can bet Embiid will be seeking his revenge. As much trash talk, memes, and jokes the guy throws around, he seems to really hate losing. That's the kind of attitude you want if you're the Sixers.

But the bigger question for them going forward is can they stay healthy? With Embiid missing playoff games, and several other players dealing with injuries during the season, they need to get healthy before they think about hoisting that Larry O'Brien trophy.