Joel Embiid On Trae Young: "He's A Smart Basketball Player..."

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Joel Embiid On Trae Young- "He's A Smart Basketball Player..."

Love him or hate him, Hawks guard Trae Young is emerging as an NBA superstar before our very eyes.

The young and electric player is giving renewed hope to his franchise and has his team competing for a spot in the Eastern Conference Finals.

And while Young is often the subject of heavy criticism and hate, Philadelphia's Joel Embiid had a lot to say about the nature of No. 11's game, including his controversial ability to get to draw fouls.

“He’s a smart basketball player,” Embiid said, via Justin Grasso of FanNation. “A lot of people complain, or we complain about fouls, but me being in the same situation about getting on the free throw line — it’s more about basketball IQ. It’s hard to guard him. Especially coming off those picks, and you can’t get close to him because he’s smart enough to know how to get to the free-throw line.”

Young is a sniper and elite offensive player, but many feel as though some of his tactics aren't within the spirit of the game.

Often, Young will contort his body in such a way as to lure a foul call on his defender, getting him frequent trips to the charity stripe.

It is not the most popular move but it definitely helps his team get wins.

Even Joel Embiid will concede that the guy is basically impossible to guard.