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Joel Embiid Talks About His Adjustments After Getting Double Teamed Last Season: "You Pass And You Miss A Lot Of Shots And It Gets Frustrating, And Then You Start Thinking That You Gotta Do Everything By Yourself."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Joel Embiid's 2019/20 NBA season wasn't the best for him and he's ready to change everything this season. The big man has always carried big expectations around him and it's time for JoJo to start showing his real value in the league. Last season was very difficult for him and the rest of the team, as rivals often doubled-teamed Embiid and he had to figure things out by himself during those moments.

This is a new year and we're watching a new and better version of Embiid, who developed his passing skills thanks to battling defenders who tried to steal the ball from him. The young player has been great for Doc Rivers' system this season and his team can't be happier about it. Talking with Derek Bodner of The Athletic, Embiid revealed that he's enjoying his new facet and he's doing just fine setting his teammates up whenever he has the chance.

"I think it's more so that I've rekindled with the love of passing. Last year, at times, they double, you pass and you miss a lot of shots and it gets frustrating, and then you start thinking that you gotta do everything by yourself."

JoJo has found a new way to impact the game for his team and the results are marvelous for everybody in Philly. He's not posting big numbers when it comes to assists but he's making things easier for his teammates on the offensive end. He's helping the game flow and that has taken the Sixers to have the best record in the league right now (6-1).

In a season with huge pressure for the Sixers, Embiid and Ben Simmons, the Cameroonian is doing a terrific job so far.