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Joel Embiid Will Donate $100,000 In Winnings On All-Star Weekend To Homeless Shelters In Philadelphia

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

There have been many examples throughout the years where we've seen an athlete get involved in their local community. For example, LeBron James notably helped create the I Promise School, in his native area of Akron. Such good deeds done by athletes should be celebrated: it is good to see athletes support their communities, and support causes that they care about.

Recently, Joel Embiid has committed to donating his $100,000 winnings from All-Star weekend to some homeless shelters in Philadelphia. That is a great donation from the Philadelphia big man.

Joel Embiid's money will help a lot of people in need. The last year has been rough on many due to the ongoing pandemic. Sometimes, all a person needs is just a little bit of help. Joel Embiid has followed up his MVP-caliber play with MVP-caliber endeavors off the court. In the past, Joel Embiid has expressed a lot of love for the Philadelphia area, and this is just one of the things he does to help.

Among this new generation of athletes, we've repeatedly seen more of a commitment to dealing with social issues that are prevalent in the United States. Some athletes have taken on the responsibility to help those in need, and it seems like Joel Embiid is one of them.