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John Collins And Trae Young Disagree On Atlanta Hawks Offense During Film Session

via Getty Images

via Getty Images

John Collins and Trae Young are two of the up and coming young duos in the league. Trae Young is a wizard on the ball, with a complete offensive package similar to Stephen Curry. John Collins is an athletic forward who can raise sky high and catch lobs, while also spacing the floor. Needless to say, their partnership is one of the most productive in the NBA, simply due to fit.

Recently, it seems as though the two Hawks stars had a disagreement during a film session. Reportedly, Collins was unhappy with Young running the whole offense. The event was reported by Chris Kirschner and Sam Amick of The Athletic. Legion Hoops also commented on the situation.

One player dominating the ball can get you to the postseason, but as we've seen before, you always need to get your teammates involved. No basketball player wins by themselves, not even Michael Jordan. While Young is clearly the best player on the team, sharing the ball usually leads to good things. This seems like a simple matter of wanting the ball: John Collins is a talented player who wants to do more than wait for the pass. If Collins were actively more involved, the Atlanta Hawks offense could run even smoother, as he is their second star.

This seems like a minor issue to iron out for the Atlanta Hawks. If they can figure out how to involve everyone in the offense and build their chemistry, then they will be really good. The Hawks are an ambitious team with high aspirations: they might just have the tools to do it.