John Salley Explains Why Michael Jordan Didn’t Kill The Men Who Killed His Father

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(via The New York Times)

(via The New York Times)

When Michael Jordan lost his father in 1993, he was at the height of his basketball career. Following his third-straight title win, Jordan had become a global figure for the sport of basketball, with his fame and fortune reaching uncharted levels of greatness.

With so much power, and os many resources at his disposal, it's not hard to imagine him taking retribution against Daniel Green and Larry Demery, the men who killed his father. There's actually a story out there about a supposed conversation between Jordan and Jayson Williams in which MJ allegedly confessed that he'd kill his father's killers if "he had a chance."

Interestingly enough, Vladislav Lyubovny, host of VladTV, did an interview with Daniel Green (one of the infamous killers of James Jordan) and asked him about that claim, to which he responded: "If MJ wanted me dead, I'd be dead already."

We'll obviously never know for sure how Jordan feels about his dad's killers, but in an interesting interview on VladTV, 4x NBA Champion John Salley explained why Jordan did not seek revenge against his dad's murderers, using an example about his coach talking him out of going after his own friend’s killer.

"So, my boy Lloyd got murdered. Rob shoots him with a .22 in the heart, takes him like two hours to die. They then put him in the dumpster.

They find him in the dumpster, I find out it's Rob, and my boy Sam's like "c'mon, let's roll." So I call coach Crimmons and I tell coach Crimmons I gotta go to New York, find the guy that killed my boy. Coach Crimmons' like 'you can't go.' I go, 'I gotta go,' and he says alright, I'll give you a one-way ticket cause if you go you can't come back. So I don't go.

Rob gets busted, gets eight years in jail. I get to the situation where I know I can get back and I know where Rob is gonna be and I can now kill Rob and I literally chose not to because I would have been continuing senseless murder.

So, if Michael wants him dead, sends the bird in, gets this guy murdered in jail. Now Michael's on the hook."

We can only imagine how strong the desire for vengeance must have been in both the case of Sally and Michael. People they cared about were murdered and they both knew exactly where the murderers were.

While MJ has never explained his feelings on Green or Demery, it's easy to understand why he'd chose not to continue the cycle of violence by having them killed.

That's a pretty wise and respectable move on his part.