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John Salley Responds To Paul Pierce's Controversial IG Live Video: "Something Looks Off..."

(via Total Pro Sports)

(via Total Pro Sports)

Former ESPN analyst Paul Pierce became the talk of the NBA after posting a rather wild and uncensored video to Instagram Live. In it, he was seen drinking and smoking while being entertained by multiple women.

While nothing in the video was illegal, Paul did face some hefty consequences for publicizing his actions like that, including the loss of his job at ESPN and many fans around the association who looked up to him before watching that video.

In an appearance on VLAD TV, John Salley spoke about the incident, expressing concern for "the Truth," who apparently didn't seem like himself that night:

"Just to say 'forget it, I don't care,' I mean we might have to talk to him about that. Just all of a sudden. You gotta know, I mean, he's old enough. You gotta know if you have any pornography around you... you can see that stuff, but not everything you see you should do or can do.

You look at it and go, 'Paul is too refined for that.' It look like something else was going on in his brain. He just didn't look like my favorite player. He didn't look the same.

As opposed to just his job, I'm more concerned with Paul..."

Naturally, many have come to the support of Pierce, and insist that trying to rationalize the legal behavior of another grown man is unnecessary and out of line.

Unfortunately, Pierce got himself into this mess when he decided to stream his actions for the whole world to see. And while none of us really know Paul enough to tell if he's okay, it seems Salley (who has a connection to him) has seen enough to grow at least a little bit concerned.

Let's hope that night was just nothing more than the former Celtics star choosing to have a bit of unfiltered fun...