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John Salley Says Kevin Durant Isn't As Controversial As Dennis Rodman: "The Time They Talk About Him At The Palace And The Gun Behind, That’s The Level Of ‘Wow What’s Going On’"

(via Marca)

(via Marca)

Kevin Durant has become one of the most controversial characters around the NBA over the past four years or so.

It all started when he decided to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors. Some people started to get into his face, and he was even caught bashing his former teammates using burner accounts on Twitter.

Durant won a couple of rings ever since, yet people still find reasons to question his legacy. That's why he's constantly going back-and-forth with everybody who dares to call him out, whether it's a fan with 50 followers or a media personality like Shannon Sharpe.

However, when it comes to controversy, former NBA Champion John Salley believes that Kevin Durant isn't anywhere near Dennis Rodmans' level.

In a recent interview, the Pistons star claimed that Rodman's gun incident outside of the Palace in Detroit was far more controversial than what Durant is doing right now:

“My teammate was Dennis Rodman… Like the time they talk about him at the Palace and the gun behind, that’s the level of ‘wow what’s going on’ I had to deal with. That’s big. This is just some words between men," Salley said.

Well, yeah, that's one way to put it. I mean, Durant is - in fact - controversial but no one can sit on Dennis Rodman's table when we talk about those kinds of things.

Rodman married himself and was dressed like a woman, Madonna allegedly flew him to Europe to have sex with him, he wanted to wear number 69, had sex in the Chicago Bulls' facility with Carmen Electra, decided to skip his basketball-related responsibilities to fight in WEE or party in Vegas. Then he befriended Kim-Jong Un. I mean, the guy has literally done it all. So yeah, he's hands-down the most controversial figure in NBA history. Sorry, KD.