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John Stockton Stands With Kyrie Irving: "He's Taking A Real Risk With His Career..."

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving has been on the hot heat since the very start of the season. After refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine, he was disqualified from home games for his team, which was followed by countless forms of criticism by fans and analysts online.

But Kyrie is not alone. There are some in the community who have shown support for Irving, including NBA legend John Stockton, who recently re-affirmed his support for the Nets star.

(via Jason Whitlock)

"I tried to reach out to him. As it was when I was playing, he's very difficult to reach. I've tried through a couple of avenues to try to reach him. I hear that I've been out in papers in support of him taking that stand, at least I hope I have. I hope he's heard it. They're [Kyrie and Aaron Rodges] taking real risks with their careers, with their advertisements. These guys have opportunities to do ads and make a lot of money. They're risking all of that when you speak out against the narrative. If you didn't hear it before, I'm backing him now."

Back in December, Stockton first made his stance known to the public, when he defended Irving during an interview with podcast hosts Chad Fisher and Tony Farmer.

“You have a lot of supporters Kyrie,” Stockton said, per the NY Daily News. “Not all them of can get to you, and you can’t get to all of them, but there’s every bit a majority out there that’s sitting there pulling for you. They’re just not quite as bold as he is. I’m proud of him as an individual to take that kind of individual risk and be that bold for what you feel is right.”

“I have such great respect for Kyrie Irving for stepping up like that,” Stockton said. “He’s right in the mix of it, he has a tremendous amount to lose in endorsements. So I salute him.”

While some consider Irving's actions noble, Nets fans and players might not be as appreciative.

With Ben Simmons likely out for the season, Kyrie Irving is especially important to Brooklyn's title chances this season. Without him, they are going to have a tough time coming out of the East.

Sadly, it doesn't look like Uncle Drew will be changing his mind any time soon.