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John Wall On Kevin Durant Injury: 'It Was The Achilles The Whole Time'



John Wall made it clear that he doesn't like to make a habit out of talking ill about opposing team doctors. Still, the recovering NBA superstar was brutally honest when asked about the circumstances of Kevin Durant, he returned from a mysterious calf-injury in the Finals, only to tear his Achilles minutes later.

“I don’t like to talk about other team doctors or whatever, but if you watched Kevin, the whole time before he played that Game 5 if you watch where he was icing at, or when he had his injury, I know what a calf strain is like. I know what an Achilles injury is like,” said Wall to The Athletic.

“When you look back like that, I knew it was an Achilles injury from the start. I can’t diagnose what those doctors said. But if you look where he was icing his leg, it was the Achilles the whole time.”

Most people assumed outright that the Achilles injury had some connection to the earlier calf strain. The organization called it a fluke accident, pretty much-denouncing guilt from anyone in the situation.

But to most, the idea seemed far-fetched from the beginning. Not only did his initial fall look suspiciously like an Achilles tear, but he was only able to return to the court for a few minutes before going down again. A misdiagnosis certainly sounds possible with those factors in place.

Nonetheless, we might never know who to blame in this scenario. Both the Warriors and Durant have moved on anyway.