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John Wall Reportedly Views Himself As The No. 1 Option On The Houston Rockets If He Were To Return

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John Wall

John Wall isn't the player that he was with the Washington Wizards, but he is still a solid point guard. He hasn't yet played a game for the Houston Rockets, however, as the team has held him out while they look for a trade.

Recently though, there have been some conversations between John Wall and the Houston Rockets about a potential return. It seems as though a key factor in his return is the role that he's willing to play.

For Wall to play this season, a compromise probably would need to be found between respecting his stature with a supermax contract and the Rockets' desire to have him play a complementary role to help develop their young core. That, along with other considerations, could be key to finding a path for Wall to play for the Rockets in 2021-22.

It has recently been reported that John Wall's opinion is that he's the No. 1 option on the Houston Rockets if he were to return. Schultz states that Wall wants a "green light" at all times. That is the opposite of the role that the Rockets want him to play, as mentioned in the previous report.

John Wall sees himself as the No. 1 option on the Rockets, should be return, one source says. That’s his main issue: He knows the team is rebuilding, but he also wants to have the green light, at all times

We'll see what happens in the future regarding this situation. It is clear that the team's intended role for John Wall and his desire to be the No. 1 are in conflict with one another. The Rockets are currently trying to develop their young players, and it's clear that they want them to get touches.

Hopefully, this situation gets resolved in the future. It would be great to see John Wall play, but it is understandable if the Houston Rockets want to hold him out until they can get a good trade for him. Perhaps the two can come to a compromise about role, but it's unclear how close that is to happen.