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John Wall Wants Carmelo Anthony To Return To The Nuggets

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

It's been a tough road for 10x All-Star Carmelo Anthony as he looks for a place to close out his NBA career. With increasing skepticism he'll find a team again, some believe the former scoring champ has already played his last game.

But even amidst the struggles, doubts, and pessimism, there is potential for an epic reunion.

The Denver Nuggets recently brought in troubled shooting point guard Isaiah Thomas in hopes he might be able to regain some of his form. Who is to say they can't do the same for their former franchise face, Carmelo Anthony? As one current NBA star pointed out, a farewell tour with the Nuggets would bring things full circle for the All-Time legend.

"The only way it is really going to work for Melo is if he goes back to the Nuggets," John Wall told NBC Sports when asked about Melo's farewell tour. "It has to be a franchise you built something with."

Carmelo played seven and a half seasons in Denver, leading them to the Western Conference Finals and averaging 24.8 points per game in his tenure. Although he forced his way to New York during the 2011 season, things were never quite the same for him after he left.

He would never again reach a Conference Finals, and the Knicks proved incapable of ever really helping him get there.

So, for Denver, (a team already in Championship contention) why not bring him on? He deserves one last chance, and there is, perhaps, no better place to finish than where it all started.