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John Wall Wants The Washington Wizards To Sign DeMarcus Cousins

(via KNBR)

(via KNBR)

John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins go a long way. They both led the 2009-10 Kentucky Wildcats and became lottery picks that year, with Wall being the 1st overall pick and boogie slipping four spots to 5.

Obviously, they've been pretty close ever since, so it's not crazy to think that they've discussed the possibility of teaming up at some point in their careers.

Well, apparently, Wall feels like that moment has come, as he's reportedly urging the Washington Wizards to sign his buddy right now and make the most of the fact that he's available while rehabbing from his injury:

"Oh man, you know I'm trying to push for that. I've been on that for like five years. I want to sign him right now," Wall told NBC Sports.

However, Wall doesn't want Cousins to rush his rehab and make a comeback right away. In fact, he's encouraged him to take his time to fully recover and go back to his former level, even if that takes more patience:

"I'm like 'bro, be smart, take your time to get all the way healthy so you can show these people what you're all about,'. I want him to focus on that and get back to the Boogie that he was," Wall added.

Thus, even if the Wizards listen to Wall's prayers, and even if he agrees to join them for the remainder of the season and beyond, he's not likely to suit up and play for them in the upcoming Orlando bubble.

But, a Big 3 consisting of a healthy John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins plus Bradley Beal could really be on to something in the Eastern Conference for many years to come. That's, obviously, assuming Boogie and Wall will ever go back to their former level after such a long hiatus from competitive basketball.