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John Wall: ‘Winning A Ring Is Not Everything’

John Wall: ‘Winning A Ring Is Not Everything’

Despite the fact that he isn’t and won’t be on the court for a considerable time, John Wall is still making some headlines out of the hardwood. The Washington Wizards point guard made some bold statements recently, but the one that will probably stand out the most is Wall claiming that winning a championship ‘isn’t everything’ in the NBA.

He said that to Michael Lee of The Athletic. The 5-time NBA All-Star sat down with Lee to discuss his future, how he sees his team and he even talked about Bradley Beal. John said that he would prioritize playing with his current franchise instead of joining a contender, like several players did this summer, to team up with another star.

“It seems right now, everybody’s got a dynamic duo,” Wall explained. “Two stars … Now it’s back to two stars. It was three stars. We had two stars. We didn’t have a third one. But I’m not a guy that’s trying to chase it. I’d rather build my legacy here than to get a ring. I want a ring for the city, trust me. It’s great to have an NBA championship. I go back to Kentucky, I don’t have a national championship but my resume is bigger than anyone else that’s been there since I left. Know what I mean? Winning a ring is not everything. It’s great. It’s not everything.”

Ever since he made it to the league back in 2010 as the first overall pick in the NBA Draft, Wall has been unable to succeed in Washington, with the Wizards having a hard time every time they try to compete for the title.

Some could say that Wall's claims are actually good for him; a ring is exactly what he’s never going to win if he stays with the stumbling Wizards. Washington has never been in a position to contend for a title and even if Wall and Beal both remain with the team, it’s hard to imagine how they would actually get to win a championship.