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John Walls Warns NBA About His Return Next Season: "You'll See, Everybody Gonna See."

John Wall Played Just 40 Games And Made $123.9 Million Thanks To The $171 Million Contract He Signed In 2019

After spending the last two seasons in different situations with the Houston Rockets, John Wall is keen to start fresh with the Los Angeles Clippers next season. The talented point guard has big aspirations for his return to the action after sitting out the entire 2021/22 NBA season. 

Wall is now teaming up with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in LA, trying to win a championship with the Clips, who look like a very dangerous team on paper. The former Washington Wizards point guard has already talked about his association with Leonard and George, saying that rival teams will have a big problem trying to stop them all. 

During a recent interview on ESPN, Wall talked about what he's trying to prove next season. He's focused on proving doubters wrong and showing what he couldn't in the past two seasons. 

"You'll see, everybody gonna see. I know a lot of people talk like, 'Oh, he's talking like this and talking like that,' but I know how much work I put into myself and what I've been through in the last three years, I feel like a lot of people would have folded. I just feel like I just stay true to myself and have great group of people around me that kept me motivated."

Further, he talked about the bad situations he had to overcome during these years and what they did to him. 

"Most importantly, losing my mom, losing my grandma, that was devastating for me, I think that's the darkest place I've ever been and I think it just shows how strong I am, how true I am to myself."

"I know basketball is my sanctuary and outside of losing my mom and my grandma, you're hurting, this is what I love to do. You can take the money, you can take the fame away, all I want to do is just hoop."

This is a gamble for the Clippers, according to many people, but Wall is confident he can play at an All-Star level again and help his squad compete for the championship once and for all. The Clips are seen as the biggest threat to the Golden State Warriors next season, and if they can get Wall playing at a decent level, things will look very good for them.