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Jordan Bell Suspended By Warriors After Making Mysterious Purchase On Coach's Account


The Warriors' 118-103 win over the Grizzlies became a side story when news of Jordan Bell's odd suspension made headlines.

In a report by Anthony Slater and Sam Amick of The Athletic, the reason for Bell's suspension could stem from a purchase made at the team hotel in Memphis, a purchase the Warriors forward made in assistant coach Mike Brown's name.

Brown was alerted to the charge. He inquired about it. The staff at The Peabody hotel, where the team stayed, confirmed its purchase. So the Warriors launched a quick investigation and it became clear that Bell is the one who put it on Brown’s bill. There was concern, sources say, that this wasn’t the first time Bell has pulled this maneuver on some unknowing member of the organization.

According to sources, Jordan Bell ripped his coach out of a large sum of money. Although there is no evidence of this being a regular thing, there was apparent concern that this incident has occurred on a number of different occasions in the past.

The Warriors handed him a one-game suspension as a result, a seemingly minor punishment for fraud. The team will no doubt keep a close eye on him in the future, especially as the team closes in on one of the most important stretches of their season.

These types of distractions are exactly the types of things that derail a postseason team.