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Jordan Clarkson Gives A Big Advice To Supertalented Kai Sotto: 'I Just Want To Tell Him To Go Out There. Work Hard, Don’t Put Any Limits On Yourself.'


Jordan Clarkson can see another Filipino player in the NBA, Kai Sotto, a young baller that made some noise in recent times. 

Even after failing to compete in the G League bubble this season, Sotto found a way to shine and joined the NBL, just like LaMelo Ball did in the past. He's still expected to make it to the league and Clarkson had some words of wisdom for the 19-year-old prospect. 

“I just want to tell him to go out there. Work hard, don’t put any limits on yourself. And just put the time and keep grinding, the [NBA] is gonna be there,” Clarkson told ESPN’s Chao Meng, via R.P. Salao of ClutchPoints. “Just go over there and be productive and learn a lot because a lot of those [NBL] players are really good.”

Sotto is an exciting prospect and even though some players have received more attention than him, the Filipino freak is still watched, and Clarkson wants to see him thrive in the association. 

The former Los Angeles Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers player is recording big performances with the Utah Jazz, the best team in the Western Conference this season. The guard is making a big case for the Sixth Man of the Year award and as things stand right now, he's the clear-cut favorite to take the prize home. 

He wants Sotto to have a similar or better career than him and his advice will surely resonate with the young center.