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Jordan Clarkson Responds To Jazz Trade Rumors: "This Is My Ninth Year Going Into The League. I Know How The Business Of Basketball Works.”

Jordan Clarkson

In the aftermath of the Rudy Gobert trade, there is a sense around the league that the Utah Jazz are on the verge of a major rebuild.

Jordan Clarkson, who has thrived with the Jazz, has been included in countless trade rumors as fans and experts attempt to predict where he might land.

For Clarkson, he's just trying to ignore all the noise and prepare for the season ahead, regardless of who he'll be playing for.

(via Deseret News):

As the rain fell around us and kids yelled in the distance — pleading for Clarkson to stay in Utah and telling him that he is their favorite player — I took a serious tone and asked Clarkson how he was feeling, considering everything that could potentially happen.

“I’m chillin’,” he said with the wide and honest smile that has endeared him to Jazz fans for the last two years. “My mood is — I’m always good. My vibe is always good. It doesn’t change. This is my ninth year going into the league. I know how the business of basketball works.”

It’s not as if Clarkson is facing a decision himself. He’s under contract with the Jazz this year and he’s happy about that. But if the Jazz were to trade Mitchell it would signal an immediate rebuild of the team, and he would likely be one of the next to go. Clarkson is well aware of the possibilities and different scenarios that could play out.

While still young, Clarkson has enough experience to understand that the NBA is a business. No matter how well things appear to be going with a team, any player is subject to be traded given the right circumstances.

All JC can do about it is keep his head up high and embrace wherever his journey leads him next. Either way, he'll be ready for it.