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Jordan Clarkson Thinks The Cavs Are Going To "Shock" A Lot Of People


Most of us don't have a lot of faith in these post-LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers.

Jordan Clarkson sure does, though.

In a chat with'sJoe Vardon, the young guard explained his high-expectations for the Cavaliers this upcoming season:

"I feel like we're going to shock a lot of people this year just because LeBron left," Clarkson said. "I feel great about the team, coaching staff. They got a lot of belief in guys, so I'm just ready to strap it up and get ready for the season now."

No matter what Clarkson or anybody else thinks, the Cavs are going to need a lot more than Collin Sexton and a rejuvenated Kevin Love to even come close to a post-season appearance this year. And while guys like Clarkson, Nance, Thompson, and Hill are certainly capable at stepping up at certain times, it seems unlikely they can fill the void left by James' departure.

But who knows, maybe they'll prove us all wrong. Giving up isn't really the right way to go under any circumstance, even when losing your best player. So, to their credit, they're certainly approaching the situation with the right state of mind.