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Jordan's Agent: "Scottie Pippen Has A Certain Level Of Jealousy Towards Michael Jordan."

Photo by Andy Hayt/NBAE/Getty Images

Photo by Andy Hayt/NBAE/Getty Images

The Michael Jordan GOAT debate is at its peak right now. Apparently, The Last Dance opened up the door for this discussion to be as hot as ever, but it seems like most people are coming to the same conclusion: Michael Jordan is the greatest player ever.

However, the aftermath of the documentary and those who take a part of it have created a lot of controversies lately, as everybody's chiming in and giving their input on how things actually went down back in the day.

For instance, Michael Jordan's agent David Falk didn't hesitate to throw a couple of jabs at his client's best teammate Scottie Pippen; claiming he was jealous of him:

"Pippen has a certain level of jealousy towards Michael. He has said recently many times he thinks LeBron's a better player. Now, if you're Scottie Pippen, and Michael Jordan made your career, completely made your career; even if you think that, keep it to yourself," Falk told 106.7 The Fan.

But the agent didn't stop there, as he continued to blast Pippen by claiming he wasn't a competitor and that Michael would've never missed the games he missed due to migraine:

"Scottie's problem, as the documentary points out in so many different places after the episodes you've seen, is that he wasn't a great competitor. There were times for silly reasons. The migraine - you think that Michael Jordan [would sit out] unless he had his leg amputated? Scottie didn't play a part of that game because he had a headache," he concluded.

While we can't exactly check up on all the things he's saying, it's difficult to think Jordan would've missed any game unless it was for extraordinary reasons. However, that doesn't make Pippen less of a competitor, it's just that MJ was always a different kind of animal.