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Josh Hart And Mikal Bridges Roast Donovan Mitchell For Missing Two Shots When Shooting At The Hoop Bus: "Oh Man, That's Broke."

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Donovan Mitchell is one of the best players in the league today, and there's no doubt that he's well-known for his scoring ability. However, even the best players can miss shots on any given day.

Most recently, Donovan Mitchell was spotted getting some shots up at the Hoop Bus. He notably missed two of them, which has led fellow NBA players Josh Hart and Mikal Bridges to roast him. Hart joked that Mitchell's shot was "broke", while Bridges quipped about Mitchell getting paid "all that money" just to miss.

It is clear that Josh Hart and Mikal Bridges' comments toward Donovan Mitchell were light-hearted in nature, and there is no outstanding beef between Donovan Mitchell and the two players. Generally, one expects NBA players to make shots when shooting around casually, but it seems as though everyone has off days.

As of late, Donovan Mitchell has been featured heavily in the news due to the Jazz supposedly exploring trades for him. Though he has been heavily linked to the New York Knicks, the latest reporting suggests that the Jazz have been looking at other trade partners for Mitchell because of trade talks stalling between them and the Knicks.

"As of right now, sources tell me that talks between the Jazz and the Knicks around a Donovan Mitchell trade have stalled out. There hasn't been contact between the two sides in roughly the last two weeks... these things can always be fluid, but this is where it stands right now. There's really no movement as of yet on the Mitchell to the Knicks front.

In the meantime, I am told that the Jazz are continuing conversations with other teams that are interested in Mitchell, teams like Charlotte and Washington."

It remains to be seen where Donovan Mitchell ends up in a trade. It is still possible that he will end up on the New York Knicks, but clearly, other teams are interested in adding him to their squads.

As of now though, it seems as though Donovan Mitchell is unphased by the trade rumors. Hopefully, he ends up on a championship-caliber team, but we'll have to wait to see how his situation unfolds.