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Josh Hart Posts Epic Message About His Girlfriend: 'My GF Is In Bed At 9pm... I Feel Like I Date A Grandma"

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

New Orleans Pelicans player Josh Hart has become a living meme and he doesn't seem to be bothered by that. In fact, Hart has embraced the way people perceive him, taking advantage of that. It's fair to say he's one of the funniest players in the NBA, especially with his comments on Twitter, talking about NBA, external matters and even his personal life.

He recently talked about his girlfriend, Shannon Phillips, trolling the girl and his sleep schedule. Hart took to Twitter to express his confusion with his girlfriend and the fact that she goes to bed very early.

"My gf is in bed at 9pm...I feel like I date a grandma," Hart wrote.

This is something interesting, indeed, but Shannon had a pretty good response to that.

"Lmaooooo when you’re forced to wake up at 4:15 5 days a week then talk to me."

Hart has gotten used to joke with his girlfriend on Twitter. This is not the first time he makes these comments towards her; a couple of weeks ago, while Phillips was celebrating getting her 'first big girl check,' the player warned her that it was time to pay rent.

They have been together for a while now and they look pretty happy.

Hart just finished his first season with the Pelicans, averaging 10.1 points, 6.5 rebounds and 1.7 assists per game in 65 games.