Josh Jackson Calls Ben Simmons A "B***h" While Telling Him To Be Quiet

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Josh Jackson Calls Ben Simmons A "B***h" While Telling Him To Be Quiet

Josh Jackson and Ben Simmons engaged in a little exchange on Monday night when the Detroit Pistons took down the Philadelphia 76ers with a 119-104 win. Well, the fact that the Sixers lost to one of the worst teams in the league didn't care as much as Jackson and Simmons going at it.

At some point, they were exchanging words when Jackson dropped an NSFW message to the Australian player, calling him a female dog while telling him to close his mouth, all in front of one referee.

"You a b**ch, shut up," Jackson told Simmons. He was ejected during that exchange and that was the cherry on the top for the player.

NBA Twitter was quick to react to it and the public was split; some supported Jackson and others went with Simmons. Still, everybody had a very interesting thing to say and the rest of the fans enjoyed that.

Simmons has been under a lot of criticism this year and he's made it clear he doesn't pay much attention to the trolls. This is different, though, as it's a rival trying to get under his skin. In the end, Jackson had the last laugh, as his Pistons defeated Simmons and co. to get the 4th win of the season.