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Joy Taylor: "If The Bubble Was So Easy Why Wasn’t Your Team In The Finals? Stop It. Heat Did Not Get Better, The Bucks Did."

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joy taylor

The Miami Heat have been eliminated by the Milwaukee Bucks in a disastrous fashion. While a lot of people did expect the Bucks to win the series, barely anyone expected the Miami Heat to fold in such a manner. This was an inconsistent season for a team that went to the NBA Finals during the 2019-20 season.

There is no doubt that the Milwaukee Bucks are a way better team than they were last season. Jrue Holiday was a great addition. The former All-Star gave the Milwaukee Bucks another shot creator and elite perimeter defender, and that has made all the difference. The Milwaukee Bucks were notably eliminated by the Miami Heat last season in the bubble.

There are people who claim that the Miami Heat only made the Finals because of the NBA bubble after the result of the series this season. Joy Taylor has suggested that the true reason for Miami's defeat was that Milwaukee Bucks got better while the Miami Heat didn't.

Perhaps the Miami Heat should have made an attempt to get some extra firepower prior to the postseason. That will certainly be something that they think about this offseason. However, the Miami Heat are still a good team, and could potentially bounce back next season.