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JR Smith Goes Off On Racist Fan On Instagram Live

JR Smith Goes Off On Racist Fan On Instagram Live

JR Smith isn't afraid to call out people. He's a very outspoken player and even though people see him like a living meme, Smith has demonstrated he won't take anything from anybody. Earlier today, JR started an Instagram Live, which quickly went bad when somebody talked about the Black Lives Matter movement, something that didn't please the 2016 NBA champion.

He asked what's wrong with the movement, revealing that somebody said something bad about the movement, labeling the person as a 'racist.' He demanded this person to address what's wrong with the movement and invited them to have a little chat.

The BLM has raised a lot of controversies in recent times, with people expressing their opinions about racial issues in the US. JR, just like the rest of the NBA, is advocating for racial equality in the entire American society.

Not everybody is happy about that and there is always somebody who tries to send a negative comment but NBA stars are quick to shut down any of that.

Smith demonstrated that and made it clear that he's not one you want to mess with.