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JR Smith On Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James: "You Can't Compare A Lion And A Tiger. They're Both Cats But They're Not The Same."

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The comparisons between Michael Jordan and LeBron James are one of the most common topics in the NBA at this moment. Over a month after MJ's 'The Last Dance' documentary saw the light, people still keep talking about the better player between His Airness and the King.

JR Smith, former LeBron's teammate, spoke out about the similarities and differences between the two superstars. Smith, who recently came back to the headlines after he was spotted beating out a man for breaking his car window amid protests in the US, joined the Pat McAfee Show to talk about a variety of topics.

One of those was the never-ending GOAT debate between Bron and Jordan. The current free agent gave a solid response to all the comparisons between the NBA icons.

"You can't compare a lion and a tiger. They're both cats but they're not the same. You gotta understand; the lion is the king of the jungle. Everybody bows down to the lion. That don't stop the tiger from [saying]: "Listen motherf---er, I'm a bad motherf---er too," Smith said.

Bron and Jordan are great. They are considered the two greatest players of all time by a lot of people, but they reached that greatness being completely different players, using different methods and having different journeys.

Still, nobody can deny they're two of the greatest ballers this game has seen. The bottom line is, they're different animals but the same beast.