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JR Smith Said Kevin Durant Would Beat Tracy McGrady In A 1 On 1 Game

JR Smith Said Kevin Durant Would Beat Tracy McGrady In A 1 On 1 Game

Trash talk is one of the best elements of basketball. Talking smack to your opponent to try and get an edge over them is great to see. It shows how much effort players are putting into winning and dominating their opponent. Players like Larry Bird, Gary Payton, Michael Jordan, and Reggie Miller were legends of this element of the game which was part of the reason why they were so great.

Thankfully, even though the game has got a lot softer these days, players are still allowed to yap at each other on the court, and off the court. We recently had one of these moments involving 4 players. JR Smith recently commented that in a 1v1 game to 11 Kevin Durant would beat Tracy McGrady.

McGrady seemed to let that slide with JR, but when Evan Fournier said JR was right McGrady clapped back.

“@evanfournier10 say bruh, break one of my records in that uniform the you can comment!!” Said McGrady on Instagram.

Fournier currently plays for the Orlando Magic which was where McGrady was a 2-time scoring champion. Fournier is currently averaging 15 points a game for the 12-14 Magic. I think it’s fair to say Fournier will never reach the levels that T-Mac and Durant have/did.

With regards to who would win 1v1 Durant would easily dominate McGrady. McGrady was a great scorer in his prime, but Durant is a top 3 scorer of all time. Durant is taller, longer, a better shooter and a better defender. Don’t get me wrong; I love T-Mac and his 13 points in 35 seconds vs the Spurs is one of the best passages of play we’ve ever seen. Durant is just better.

Sadly for T-Mac, bad knee injuries hit him right in his prime. Without those setbacks, T-Mac might have had an even better career and could have a title or 2 to his name.