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JR Smith Sends A Strong Message About Boycott: “Oh You Don’t Hear Us... Well Now You Can’t See Us!!!!”

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

NBA players have taken a stand. They've said 'enough is enough' and are willing to put everything on the line to make their voices be heard and finally put an end to police brutality.

The shooting of Jacob Blake took a massive toll on every single one of the players attending the Orlando bubble. Some questioned whether resuming the season was worth it, as they were trying to use their platform to voice their social and political concerns.

That's why the Milwaukee Bucks, inspired by George Hill, decided to not play vs. the Orlando Magic even at the risk of the league handing the victory to their rivals on a playoff matchup. Needless to say, the rest of the teams in the bubble showed their support and agreed to take that same course of action.

There were countless reactions on social media from current and former NBA players. One of the reactions that stood out the most came from Los Angeles Lakers' shooting guard J.R. Smith, who took it to his Instagram Account to share a powerful message:

"Oh you don't hear us... well now you can't see us," the former NBA Champion wrote on an Instagram story.

Via @Teamswish

Via @Teamswish

Yes, we know that things aren't going to change overnight and that basketball not being on TV may not be the biggest deal in the world, especially for politicians. Then again, talking isn't getting the job done, obviously, so they must find a different way of inspiring change.

Players are only demanding justice for a person that was shot in the back 7 times. You don't need to shoot a man in the back 7 times to subdue him, especially when you're accompanied by two other officials.

All NBA players want to do is hold people accountable. That's it. They're not asking for privileges, they're not whining. They just want people not to be killed. It's not that hard to get the message.