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JR Smith Takes A Shot At US President Donald Trump

(via Diario AS)

(via Diario AS)

JR Smith has taken a big shot at US President Donald Trump for the way he’s been dealing with the coronavirus crisis. Smith, currently a free agent, took to Twitter to send a message to Trump, who is earning more and more criticism every day.

When Trump sent a message to the media, talking about fake narratives and unnamed sources, the former Cleveland Cavaliers guard couldn’t take anymore and called out the president, even calling him ‘clown’.

“Man shut up! An do something! F***ing clown,” Smith tweeted.

The US has taken the place as the country with the most coronavirus cases registered, and things don’t appear to be stopping there. Plenty of people have asked the president to be more cautious with this whole situation and now Smith has joined the list.

This crisis has affected the NBA, which is currently suspended, with some people saying they could return to action at some point in the summer.