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Jrue Holiday Praises Stephen Curry: "He Is An Alien... What Do You Take? Can I Get Some Of It Please? Cause You're Insane, Dude."

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Jrue Holiday is known among league circles as somebody who is an elite one on one defender. Jrue Holiday is somebody that you can reliably put on a superstar player, and know that he will make them work for every single point that they get. Many players have lauded Jrue Holiday's impact as a defender.

While playing good defense is never a bad idea, there are some players where you can play the best defense, and it still results in a bucket. Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is one of those transcendent players. Recently, Jrue Holiday has talked to JJ Redick about Stephen Curry's offense and was simply in awe of the guard's abilities.

He's an alien. I don't understand. I fouled him on a half court shot when we played him 3 weeks ago. I'm pretty sure he didn't even look at the rim, and he still almost made it. It hit the back of the rim. And they didn't call the foul. I'm like "What is wrong with you? What do you take? Can I get some of it please? Cause you're insane, dude."

Stephen Curry has certainly frustrated many defenders in his career, and this example mentioned by Jrue Holiday is exactly why Stephen Curry is feared as an offensive player. Even if he doesn't make the shot, he'll come close, and that alone can keep a defense on edge. Stephen Curry is a star who definitely gets fouled a lot, even if the referees don't end up calling it. Stephen Curry is on another level, and elite defenders like Jrue Holiday know that.