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Julius Randle On The New York Knicks: "I Have To Be Better. Everybody Has To Be Better."

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Julius Randle

The New York Knicks had an outstanding run to the playoffs during the 2020-21 season. They hired Tom Thibodeau, who would eventually win the Coach of the Year award, and Julius Randle got his first All-Star appearance and won Most Improved Player. There's no doubt that many thought that the Knicks would be able to build on last season, even if they didn't make much noise in the playoffs.

Thus far though the New York Knicks have been inconsistent, and they are 11-12 and in the bottom half of the Eastern Conference. Julius Randle has recently claimed that "everybody has to be better" but reiterated that "everybody in that locker room wants to win". Tim Bontemps of ESPN reported the news.

"I have to be better. Everybody has to be better. I'll take responsibility for the team. I'll take responsibility for myself. That doesn't bother me. At the end of the day, I just wanna win. I think everybody ... well, I know everybody in that locker room wants to win, too.

Hopefully, the New York Knicks manage to improve. It was great to see a franchise that has been criticized a lot previously to be competitive once again last season, and perhaps they'll figure out a solution to their woes from this season. Tom Thibodeau has already benched Kemba Walker as an adjustment to the rotation. We'll see if it has the desired effect, but it is quite possible that they'll turn to Walker again if they are in need of an offensive player. Their defense will likely be fine: but they don't have consistent scorers besides Randle.

The New York Knicks do have some talent, and they are definitely a team that can squeak into the playoffs once again. Perhaps they'll be able to figure things out, and as Randle said, everyone has to be better.