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Julius Randle, Reggie Bullock Send A Big Message To Brooklyn Nets' Big 3: "We Got A Big 5."

(via Reuters)

(via Reuters)

Julius Randle and Reggie Bullock made it clear that they aren't afraid of anybody ahead of their anticipated matchup with the Brooklyn Nets. Seeing how good these teams are this season, people expect them to create an entertaining rivalry and seeing their first two matchups, they are getting closer to it.

The third game between them is set to be held this Monday and the Knicks players are ready to go at it and take revenge after losing their first two encounters with their city rivals. Randle and Bullock sent a big message to the Nets and their Big 3, who have done very good things on the court in the short period they've spent together under Steve Nash. Now the Nets have a superteam but the Knicks aren't too worried about it.

Bullock and Randle explained that they have more than a Big 3 and that is an advantage for them. They know what kind of basketball they play and that will always play in their favor regardless of the rival they have in front.

Bullock: “We got a Big 5”

Randle: “We got a Big 15”

Bullock: “Big 15, so we’re not really concerned about their Big 3. We know what type of basketball we’ll be able to come into the game and play. We’ll focus on our team. The game plan that coach draws up. Other than that, that’s all we’re focused on. The Knicks.”

Randle has reasons to be extra motivated ahead of this game. The forward was the star of a very controversial moment during the last seconds of the game last March 15; the former Los Angeles Lakers player was called for a travel that nobody saw and gave the win to the Nets.

There is a little rivalry growing between these two and players from both teams are embracing it.