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Justise Winslow Takes A Shot At The NBA: 'All About Benjamins, Baby!'



Justise Winslow is anything but happy with the upcoming NBA return at Walt Disney World in Orlando next month. The Memphis Grizzlies player took to Instagram to show his concerns about the league's plans to resume the 2019/20 season with 22 teams at a bubble location in Orlando next July 31.

According to Winslow, the league is looking to get their money at all costs while not taking care of the players' health.

“This s--- ain’t even bout basketball or our safety anymore,” the Instagram post read. “All About The Benjamins baby. Not sure if they really care if we get corona. FOH."

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He also talked about the “Smart Ring” designed to gauge symptoms of the coronavirus that players will have to use when the league resumes play. Winslow isn't convinced that the device is effective, sharing his questions on how he can trust it.

 Credit: Complex

Credit: Complex

Moreover, he elaborated more on why he's hesitating to go play in Orlando next month, talking about the COVID-19, all the risks the players might have to get infected by the disease.

Via Andrew Lopez of ESPN:

“The bubble is tricky, man. From the COVID standpoint, I don’t think it’s a great idea just to have all these people in a bubble and tight spaces. It’s almost the opposite of social distancing. We’re going to have workers who are working for Disney; they’re going to be going home and seeing their family and doing whatever they want to do, but then they are going to come back…

“But at the same time, I’m a competitor. I want to play. I want my money even though it’s not all about the money. It’s still a business. So if these owners are going to get paid, I want my fair share as well. It keeps going back to just the dynamic of players want more money and owners want more money, so how can we do this without killing each other or knocking each other down or being disrespectful…

“I know the NBA is taking it seriously, but I don’t know if it’s worth it. Is it that serious? People have families, people have babies on the way. We got international players coming across the country and leaving their families and won’t be able to see their families until if they make the second round. It’s a lot still in the air.”

More players are showing their concern about the NBA's plans. The league is still carrying out everything as planned, but they could see plenty of players opting to sit out instead of going to Florida and see out the rest of the season.