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Kahwi Leonard Thinks The Raptors Will Get Even Better


We knew the new-look Raptors were going to be good. We didn't know, however, that they were going to be this good.

So far, they've been the runaway team in the Eastern Conference. And with the way they've bene playing, there's no evidence to support that they'll be slowing down, either. Scarier still, Kawhi Leonard says the team may even pick up the pace as the season picks up...


"We have a lot of potential and I think we could still get better. This isn't our ceiling. We have Kyle in the game most of the time but once I start learning more of our offense, I could give him a little break. He is leading us to victories."

Integrating a new member of a team will always take time. For the Raptors, while they are playing great, noticeable growing pains can be seen, especially on the offensive end, where there are times the team looks like it doesn't quite know what they're doing.

Of course, to Kawhi's point, players like Kyle Lowry have upped their game, which is why the team appears to be adjusting so well.

So yeah, they are indeed a team to fear right now. But if they can do all this with Kawhi still not fully integrated into the offense, imagine what the team will be once he is?