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Kanye West Shows Love To Kyrie Irving For Shouting Him Out During The Press Conference: "Shout Out To Ye, Man!"


Kyrie Irving has always been different from other NBA players. Irving is decidedly different from other stars in the NBA, in the way he thinks and acts. Irving refuses to conform to any norms and stands out on several different occasions. And recently, he shouted out another person from the entertainment industry who is very similar to him in that regard.

Kyrie Irving spoke during a Brooklyn Nets press conference. During the interaction with the press, Kyrie was holding and playing music from the Stem Player, a device Kanye West recently introduced that allows fans to play and control the music he puts out. He told people to visit the website, and shouted out Kanye West during the interview.

Kanye West found the clip of Kyrie Irving speaking about him, and shared it on his Instagram profile. Kanye didn't really say anything about Kyrie but did share a heart emoji in the caption to show Kyrie some love. Irving also responded in the comments to Kanye.

Kyrie: "Shout out to Ye, man!"


Kyrie is far from the first Brooklyn Nets player to be mentioned by Kanye West. Recently, Kanye West bizarrely shared a screenshot from his previous post, one that Kevin Durant had liked, and thanked Durant for supporting him, noting that he was going to tell everyone that KD liked his post.

On top of that, Kanye has been vocal about his desire to link up and work with Michael Jordan. Ye revealed a while ago that Jordan had refused to meet with him because of a song where he said 'Yeezy jumped over Jumpman'. And a few weeks ago, Kanye even rapped in a song that he would buy the Chicago Bulls, his hometown team, and link up with Michael Jordan.