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Karl-Anthony Towns Announces He's Positive For Coronavirus

(via Star Tribune)

(via Star Tribune)

Karl-Anthony Towns has been hit hard by COVID-19. Over the past few months, he's lost 7 family members to the virus, including his mother.

And now, as he announced on Twitter, he himself has come back positive with the virus.

"Prior to tonight's game, I received yet another awful call that I tested positive for COVID. I will immediately isolate and follow every protocol.

I pray every day that this nightmare of a virus will subside and I beg everyone to continue to take it seriously by taking all of the necessary precautions.

We caannot stop the spread of this virus alone, it must be a group effort by all of us..."

It's more bad news for Towns, and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Of course, it's also bad news for the NBA as well. With the league getting dangerously close to an outbreak, the remainder of the season remains in jeopardy. Towns is just one of many players who now have to isolate in quarantine, and several games have already been postponed.

If you thought last season was tough, this campaign might be even tougher. We'll see how the league is able to handle the whole situation, and how quickly Towns is able to recover.