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Karl-Anthony Towns Jokingly Supports NBA 2K Content Creator For Exposing Ronnie 2K's Control Of Game Servers: "The NBA 2K Community Deserved To Know This!"

Karl-Anthony Towns Jokingly Supports NBA 2K Streamer For Exposing Ronnie 2K's Control Of Game Servers: "The NBA 2K Community Deserved To Know This!"

NBA 2K is one of the biggest games in the world. It's the online haven for basketball fans that like to log on to the game and lose themselves in their lives as virtual basketball player. However, the online servers can often break that immersion with their instability.  

Ronnie2K is the public face of the game and often takes a lot of slander for the game, as fans direct all their problems with the game towards him. He is the marketing wizard behind the game and its success, so fans often know who to point a finger at when the game isn't working the way it should be.   

RipItRandyTV is an NBA 2K content creator and made a video where he showed Minnesota Timberwolves Karl-Anthony Towns' message on his marriage website. KAT is one of Ronnie's groomsmen and left a message on the site.

I am most excited to give Ronnie away because frankly, I'm tired of him and his servers. Fun fact: Ronnie actually does run all the 2K servers. We've lied to the public for years.  

KAT responded to RipItRandy's video on Twitter and asked Ronnie2K to explain the situation to the fans as a joke. 

This response by KAT is obviously in good fun, making fun of the larger 2K community sentiment that Ronnie2K can control the multiplayer servers and boost their efficiency. Whether or not Ronnie has a massive red button for the servers on his desk, the fanbase will keep playing the game due to the enjoyable multiplayer experience of the game.

Fans will hope that the multiplayer servers in NBA 2K23 are improved, with avid players often asking for stability in the online features of the game. 2K has taken a step to address that issue with every release, so an improvement should be expected in 2K23.

NBA 2K23 will be released on September 8, with pre-orders already live. All loyal players will probably hop on the game on day one to start their MyPlayer grind and, inevitably, crash the servers on the release date. Regardless, fans will keep coming back to live out their NBA dreams virtually through the video game.