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Karl-Anthony Towns On Spending His NBA Money: 'I Didn’t Even Get A Car. I Used To Walk To The Games'

(via Sportsnaut)

(via Sportsnaut)

The transition from college to the NBA can be tough for a lot of guys. The speed, the pressure, the travel -- it all takes a toll on young prospects coming into the league for the first time.

What makes it all worth it, besides the love of the game, if the money. Getting paid to play basketball opens up a whole new world of possibilities, one where you don't necessarily have to be frugal with your money anymore.

Unless you're Karl-Anthony Towns. When he first entered the league, despite being the #1 overall pick, he was literally scared to spend his new-found fortune. Here is the story he told The Courage and Nadeshot Show:

“When I first got into Minnesota, which is possibly one of the coldest tundras of all time, I didn’t even get a car. I used to walk to the games. I would go get 25 and I’m walking right back with everyone like alright guys I’m going back to the house now."

He was walking home everyday n freezing temperatures as an NBA superstar. That's an extra level of cheap.

Obviously, it seems Towns has since adopted a new way of living, one where he can comfortably enjoy the money he has earned. Nonetheless, his situation just goes to show how hard it can be adjusting to a new lifestyle in the NBA.