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Karl-Anthony Towns Was Once Caught With PornHub Open On His Screen During A Live Stream

Karl-Anthony Towns Was Once Caught With PornHub Open On His Screen During A Live Stream

The era of streaming has taken over the NBA. Players will often stream themselves playing games and things of that nature as something they do recreationally. The biggest stars have been known to indulge in this activity, like Kyrie Irving making jokes with fans while playing video games on Twitch. One of the most prolific NBA stars in this space though is Karl-Anthony Towns, who does it often. 

And while for the most part, Towns will talk about the games he's playing or even address things NBA fans want to know, like he did the situation with Jimmy Butler, most often he is just sharing his screen as he plays. And that is a risky proposition, as it's easy to lose track of the tabs a person has open on their computer at every moment. 

And he had a social faux pas while one of his streams was going on. Pornography is something that many people consume and there's no reason NBA players should be different, but someone as famous as Towns having PornHub open on his computer while streaming is certainly something that causes ripples. 

NBA players should be cut some slack in terms of being role models, they are all humans, after all, but it would still behoove Towns to be more careful, considering that children will most likely be watching streams. In any case, it's not like he did it on purpose, and in a way, it's funny to see that even the biggest NBA stars can sometimes be as silly as anyone else. 

Towns have bigger priorities anyway, now that the Timberwolves finally have a team that can make noise in the playoffs. If the big man can take another step and come out firing next season, the Wolves will once again become a force to reckon with in the Western Conference, and nobody will remember this little slip-up.