Kawhi Leonard And Jimmy Butler Are The Only Active Players To Have More Career Steals Than Fouls

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Credit: Slam Studios

Credit: Slam Studios

Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler are two of the most beloved players around the league thanks to their personalities and games, which have made them favorites around the fact. They are hard-working players who don't back down to any challenge and are great defenders.

At some point in their careers, people believe they were the best two defenders to guard LeBron James, the best player in the world. They have come a long way to be where they are right now, leading teams to compete for important things and leaving their everything on the court every night. There is a stat about these two that perfectly sums up their career and the great players they are.

Recently, Slam Studios (via The Ballers' Tribune) shared a curious and remarkable stat for both Leonard and Butler. They are the only active players with more steals than fouls during their careers. Not a specific season, during their careers, they've gotten more steals than fouls.

That is incredibly hard to accomplish but these two are great defenders and made it look easy. Curiously, the past season they were really connected with LeBron James and while some expected a matchup between Leonard and the King, it was Butler who faced the Los Angeles Lakers star in the Finals, showing his talents against the Californians, taking the series to 6 games.

This season, neither the Heat nor the Clippers are seen as favorites to play in the Finals but we could see a surprise in the postseason, as we did last campaign. A Butler-Leonard matchup would be incredible.