Kawhi Leonard Believed To Be Spotted In Toronto As Free Agency Saga Continues

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(via Heavy.com)

(via Heavy.com)

In the hours following the official 6 pm start of free agency on June 30th, most of the top free agents had already made their decisions. One by one, names kept disappearing off the board as they inked new deals; all except for one.

Kawhi Leonard is one of the only free agents left at this point in the summer, and he is arguably the most valuable to hit the open market in some time.

Now over three days since the clock started, Kawhi seems in no rush to make his decision as the world anxiously awaits for news.

Minutes ago, after a long and deafening silence, the world finally got a clue as to Leonard's whereabouts. He was originally caught landing at Pearson Airport, located in Toronto, Canada.

Since then, Twitter has been ablaze with comments as news outlets continue to follow the vehicle they believe to contain Kawhi.

If we are to believe the reports, what is Kahwi doing in Toronto? Sources have indicated that a final meeting between the star and the Raptors was to take place after his meetings with the Clippers and Lakers. Is this just one last meeting between Leonard and his current team? Is it just a courtesy trip to inform them he is leaving? Whatever the case, it is a risky and downright ill-advised move by the city of Toronto. With helicopters and cameras following him -- and a crowd outside his meeting place with Masai -- NYT's Marc Stein reminds the internet of the warning Kahwi's camp gave potential suitors.

Kawhi Leonard wants silence. He wants to know he can trust his team to keep things private. This wild goose chase is anything but, and it could stand to hurt the Raptors' chances of keeping him.