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Kawhi Leonard Buys $13.3 Million Home In Southern California

Kahwi Leonard

In the ongoing battle for Kawhi Leonard's heart, one recent purchase may hint at bad news for the Raptors. Or it could mean nothing.

Over halfway through the season, Leonard just recently slammed down $13.3 million for a home in the affluent San Diego County community in Southern California. According to the L.A. Times, the home includes "a workout facility with a dry bar, a home theater, a gourmet kitchen, and two offices. A steel-framed wall of glass looks into a temperature-controlled wine vault in the tasting and bar room."

 (via the Los Angeles Times)

(via the Los Angeles Times)

In principle, this purchase means nothing, as players buy a home outside of their team city all the time. It could just be a place for Kawhi to spend his offseason. But at a time where Kahwi's future is so uncertain, every move can be taken as a step towards his decision this coming summer, where he is expected to choose between the Toronto Raptors or Los Angeles Clippers.

Some could say buying a home in Southern California means he is preparing for his arrival later in the year. Others say it's just another place to stock up in the offseason. It's a guessing game and a very loose one that that.

At the very least, it shows he still has a heart for Southern California. Whether it means he just wants a place to visit for the summer or he's dead set on a return to life in Los Angeles is something only time will reveal. Though, no matter how confident those folks in Toronto are, they can't be feeling great about this one.